Winnifred Lanyero stepped out of a airplane and walked on American soil for your 1st time. Though she was only 21 many years aged, she had witnessed a great deal, including twenty years of war, poverty,  crimes committed because of the Lord Resistance Military in her dwelling place of Uganda.

Lanyero came for the United states for one particular sole intent ?a to make a nursing diploma and return to Uganda and educate the persons there regarding how to use modern day medication.

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Throughout the assistance of two local Minnesotans, she enrolled from the Alexandria Grownup Basic Education and learning method. After placement examinations, her counselors recognized she experienced an elementary amount of education. Eighteen months afterwards, she has long been acknowledged into Alexandria Specialized amp; Community College’s nursing application.

Winnifred’s property nation

Lanyero, who was born to a single mother 22 decades ago in northern Uganda, alternated living with her mother and her grandparents for about six several years before being sent to live with her uncle.

“My grandfather saved me from being abducted with the rebels by sending me to central Uganda,” Lanyero said. “The two decades I lived at my uncle’s place was very challenging. His wife was very evil. She treated me like a slave and deprived me of food.”

One of the worst experiences Lanyero experienced living there is when she nearly died from starvation.

“At a single point, I almost lost my life by not having food for three days,” she said. “I ate rotten food from the rubbish pit in order to survive.”

When the war was nearly over, Lanyero moved back in with her grandparents. With financial help from her uncle, she was able to attend boarding school. However, during her senior year of high school her uncle could no longer afford the costs.

nursing education courses not that difficult.

“I almost dropped outside of school,” Lanyero said. “Thanks to ‘peace Together Uganda’ I was able to continue with my schooling.” pTU is a Catholic non-profit organization in Uganda that helps students with attending and finishing school.

In 2016, pTU invited 20 Ugandan students to share their stories with American supporters of the method. During these meetings, Lanyero met two people today that would change her life forever.

“Tyler Holte is a big supporter of pTU,” she said. “He was a person of the Americans that asked me about my personal life, my childhood and my dream to the future. Afterwards on Tyler asked me if I wanted to come study in the Usa.”

After consulting with her family and working out the logistics with the pTU, Lanyero found herself on a airplane to Minnesota to live with Holte’s mother, Deb, in Glenwood.

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